Manage Student Attendance with Zippro School Management System

Consistent student attendance is important to the overall function of your school, college, or university. Students who have consistent attendance often have better grades and a better understanding of the course materials. With the Zippro online attendance management system, Sudan schools and universities can keep an impeccable record of student and staff attendance. Our system is easy to use and offers students the ability to enter their own attendance tracking, including the time they entered and left a class. This makes it easy for both administrators and parents to keep track of student attendance and address concerns with students who appear to miss too many classes.

Keep Track of Attendance by Course

With colleges and universities, you must keep track of attendance by course. With our online attendance management system, Sudan college staff members can input students’ attendance by course. When administration or parents sign into the software, the attendance tracker will show each day that the student missed a particular course. If a student missed only a part of a course, than the attendance tracker will show the sign in and sign out time for each course. Parents can even check attendance for e-learning courses to insure that students are completing online classes and assignments.

Staff Attendance as Part of Administrative Management

The online attendance management system allows Sudan school administrators to keep track of staff attendance, too. Teachers can input their own attendance into the system, and administrators can insure that staff members are meeting mandatory attendance requirements. The Zippro School Management System integrates administrative features to make it easy for you to manage all aspects of your educational institution. You can check on both staff and student attendance while handling other administrative tasks like accounting, course enrollments, and school inquiries. Take advantage of our free demo to experience how our software makes the running of your school easier and more effective.