Manage All Student Affairs and Academics with ZSMS

Zippro School Management System is an effective tool for private school institutions and colleges and universities. The management tools allow administrators to access a variety of information and input data for each and every student. The data can be shared across the system so that instructors, students, and parents have access to the data you make permissible for them to view. Our student management software solutions make it easier to manage a large educational institution and provide you with the tools needed to be successful with school administration.

Manage Student Data and Academics

When you install our software, you will see an array of choices that allow you to input various student data. You can keep track of student inquiries, enrollments, admissions, withdrawals, and graduates. With our student data management system, Sudan colleges can keep track of personal information, too. You will have contact information for each student along with birth dates, parental information, and former educational training.

The academic component allows administrators to keep track of courses offered by department, instructors teaching each course, awards and certificates offered to students, and enrollment in each course. Administrators can give professors access to upload exams, class notes, and assignments. It’s also an easy way for teachers to record grades and upload grade reports.

Access for Parents

One of the benefits of a student information system for Nigeria colleges is that parents can gain access to the information they need about their student. Using our student management software, parents can sign into the system and gain access to their child’s attendance record, grade reports, and course enrollments. This helps foster communication between the school and the parent and reduces the number of inquiries parents make directly to the school about their student because the information is available online. If your educational institution needs a way to track students, consider using Zippro School Management System for all administrative tasks.